Using Dredges promotes the cleanup, restoration or improvement of overburdened, contaminated or degraded bodies of water, including our oceans, harbors, rivers, lakes and ponds, as well as, industrial applications.

The goal is to bring them back to their original condition or better, using eco-friendly methods and equipment. We also specialize in the removal of accumulated sediments from process ponds and lagoons where there are interactions with liners, aerators, defusers, electrical cables, etc.

Dewatering tubes work well with dredges as they are capable of high flow rates and controlled solids content. Contact us  or our east coast partner Clean Dredging for additional information.


Dredging as described in Wikipedia is the excavation activity usually carried out underwater, in shallow seas or freshwater areas with the purpose of gathering up bottom sediments and disposing of them at a different location. This technique is often used to keep waterways navigable. It is also used as a way to replenish sand on some public beaches, where sand has been lost because of coastal erosion.


Dredge Turbidity

Dredging Inside Turbidity Curtains

Hydraulic Dredging

Hydraulic dredging operations remove sediment by mixing the water and the sediment and pumping the material to a dewatering lay-down or staging area. Hydraulic dredges consists of a cutter-head, ladder and a hydraulic pump. The cutter-head is lowered into the sediment where the auger in the cutter-head mixes the water and sediment to form a consistent slurry. The cutter-head depth and rate of speed determine the amount of sediment and water in the mixture.


mine sediment dewatering

Dredging Mine Sediment

Environmental Dredging

Billions of cubic yards/meters of sediment are dredged each year. Remediation and construction projects in and around waterways and process ponds present numerous challenges in sediment removal, dewatering and disposal. Environmental dredging involves a highly controlled removal process, with efforts focused on minimizing the removal of clean material while effectively removing and controlling contaminated residuals. Balancing the production rates with the optimisation of the process parameters requires a resource intensive operation. Spinpro utilises specific equipment and techniques for hydraulic dredging to remove sediments from waterways and process ponds in a highly efficient and environment accepted manner.


Dewatering Tube - Dredge

Dredging into Dewatering Tube

SPINPRO Dredging

We have a turn key packages that include sizing the equipment and accessories for your application, training your staff on the operation and maintenance as well as assisting you with troubleshooting mechanical and process issues. We supply both Diesel driven and electrical remote control dredges that are robust, reliable and versatile. We also specialize in the removal of accumulated sediments from process ponds and lagoons where there are interactions with liners, aerators, de-fusers, electrical cables, etc.


Electric Remote Dredge

Remote Control Dredge