decanter centrifuge (also known as solid bowl centrifuge) separates continuously solid materials from liquids in the slurry and therefore plays an important role in the wastewater treatment, chemical, oil and food processing industries.  The centrifuge uses mechanical pressure to achieve fast results compared to dewatering tubes that use gravity only.

Centrifuge & Decanter

SPINPRO supplies both New and Used Centrifuge Decanters that are specifically designed for your application. Our new centrifuge decanters include models for dewatering and thickening.  We also support both two and three phase centrifuges

A centrifuge is a device which employs a high rotational speed to separate components of different densities. This becomes relevant in the majority of industrial jobs where solids, liquids and gases are merged into a single mixture and the separation of these different phases is necessary.

Our used units are refurbished with warranty and are available with new and unique upgrades.  These centrifuges will be made to match your process requirements and save you downtime and save you money.

Centrifuge Services & Expertise

We offer up to date ON-SITE and OFF-SITE Parts and Repair of new and existing centrifuges.  We have Optimization and Troubleshooting services for a wide range of horizontal and vertical centrifuges, on both a scheduled (P.M.) and emergency basis. Our advanced troubleshooting methods have been proven to save time and expenses.
Our service is founded on years of centrifuge experience. Our field service specialists will assist the customer in determining the most efficient repair approaches. We can determine accelerated wear patterns and apply corrective modifications to protect the wear areas.
Often equipment can be modified or upgraded to increase both endurance and reliability. Modifications can also be made to increase the throughput and or enhance the cake and centrate quality.  Optimization of the mechanical and chemical parameters will also result in vast savings from improved performance.
Whether it is a specialized modification, upgrade or complete mechanical rebuild that’s required SPINPRO 24/7, mechanical repair service is geared to minimize downtime and save you money.