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Mine Dewatering

In Open-Pit and Underground Mine dewatering applications as in most other construction industries the process water and the surface run-off water must be captured and treated on site. Spinpro provides simple, versatile and effective solutions for mine sediment and water management. Our mine dewatering products and services are specified for the construction, operation, and reclamation stages of mine sites and tailings recovery. Our line of Silt Fence, Turbidity Curtains, Silt Screens and Polymer Logs are specifically designed for solids control in ditches, process ponds, settling ponds, tailing ponds and temporary construction ponds. We also carry many other improvised versions of these products for those unique dewatering challenges and increasingly stringent regulations for mine dewatering and sediment control.
Spinpro dewatering tube systems can act as a permanent dewatering system, as a temporary solution or for maintenance dewatering emergencies. Our dewatering tubes are also designed specifically for emergency mine dewatering, as a sludge removal device for removing the sludge that is concentrated in the water treatment plant or polishing water treatment plant effluent to meet TSS discharge limits
Our geotextile dewatering tubes are fast and easy to transport, set up and be operational especially when compared to costly dewatering devices that require specialized transportation, cranes for set up and high power consumption. Spinpro specializes in choosing the right chemicals and products to surpass environmental regulations for discharge water quality. Our mine dewatering tubes are designed to function in series for dewatering and filtration allowing us to ultra polish the mine effluent and capture all of the suspended solids in the dewatering tubes.

Dewatering Mine Ponds

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