Dewatering Tubes are also referred to as GeoTubes,  Geotextile dewatering bags, sludge bags, etc..   This process is widely used in most dredging and dewatering applications.  The dewatering containers are especially beneficial where the sludge is removed hydraulically like dredging or high-volume pumping.

The technology is based on filtration starting with the apparent opening size of the geotextile material.  As the sludge accumulates inside the dewatering tubes, the accumulated sludge becomes a filter as well resulting in cleaner effluent.  When dewatering organics or fine sediments a floculent or coagulant or combination can be added to the sludge to enhance both drying and purifying the effluent.

Our geotextile materials are manufactured with higher elasticity allowing higher flow rates and higher compaction rates.  Pumping rates into the dewatering tubes can be in excess of 8 times the rate of any other single dewatering device. This cost effective solution, when used correctly and optimized, will surpass the performance of other dewatering methods like centrifuges and belt presses.

Geotextile Dewatering Tubes are used for both raw water and wastewater and primary and secondary wastewater ponds.  The geotextile tube or Geotube technology is used in most industries including municipal, pulp and paper, mining, oilfield, marinas, construction water, etc.

High water reduction combined with a BOD reduction of up to 90% are also possible.  Agriculture operations with livestock, dairies and piggeries have also embraced the technology, which is simple, efficient and economical.

Our geotextile fabric contains UV protection keeping it from deteriorating for several years.  As the tube is a container the dewatered product can remain in the dewatering tube for several years to further dry the material.  Another benefit of leaving the sludge in the tube is to defer disposal costs so the costs may be spread over several years.


High flow rates along with the potential for leaving the dewatered sludge in the dewatering bag (container) make this technology unequaled.  The dewatering tubes can sit for years before removing sludge allowing for an extended disposal budget.

We have developed specialty polymers that enhance the throughput, water clarity (TSS) and sludge compaction.  Our polymers are fast activating and formulated for the sludge  and not “off the shelf” products.

Spinpro Dewatering Tubes:

Spinpro is a factory direct source for geotextile dewatering tubes.  Our high capacity  tubes are available in both polypropylene and polyester.  We stock standard and custom sizes up to 120′ circumference X 300′ long.  We supply our products and services world wide.

Spinpro is a full service company providing a complete package for your dewatering needs.  Our expertise is not just in the bags, but the entire project.  We have our own brand of proprietary polymers and coagulants ans well as hydration, pumping and dredging equipment. By choosing Spinpro you have a unified solution as opposed to purchasing the items and services separately.

We also produce hanging bags for testing, cubic yard bags and roll off dewatering bags for smaller projects.  Our support products also include liners, geo-grid, geo-membranes, silt fence, erosion control, turbidity curtains and silt screens.

Spinpro geotextile dewatering tubes save time, money and the environment.