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Polypropylene GeoMembrane Reinforced and Non Reinforced Liner & Ground Cover

  • contaminated sediment pumped into dewatering tubes in a containment with water treatment

Spinpro supplies containment liners for your dewatering project. Our most common liner is a 21 mil reinforced liner that is easily deployed and can be made in one piece for smaller applications. For larger applications we supply up to 80 mil smooth and textured liners and can supply you with the training and equipment to seam them.EDPM Liners for Ponds, Lagoons, etc., EPDM Liners are sold in seamless panels 40ft wide up to 200ft long or 50ft wide up 100ft long. Smaller panels can be cut to order in 5ft increments. The minimum size available is 10ft x 10ft. We supply adhesives, tape and sealant as well as full line application products for seaming, repairing and applying this product.

Polypropylene Geo-membrane Reinforced and Non Reinforced Liner & Ground Cover: Reinforced Polypropylene Geo-membranes (RPP) reduce the probability of the liner being compromised during installation by offering brute strength and puncture and tear resistance. An extremely durable product, RPP is designed to be left exposed. It is reinforced with a woven scrim to provide excellent dimensional stability and superior toughness. Scrims are fully contained within the two layers of polypropylene to eliminate wicking. RPP also have superior UV and Ozone resistance as well as excellent chemical resistance.